Since its inception, the brand DOLLAR has passionately been transformed into a mega brand, now being sold in all five continents of this planet.


Besides producing its own-branded items, DOLLAR also manufactures and exports private labeled / OEM stationery products for some of the leading international brands.



Allmark Ink  Allmark Parmanent Allmark Sealed Budget
 Clear Stic  Clipper  Clipper Plus  Color Marker
Fountain Pen Ink  Gel-1 Glue Stic  Highlighter
 Memo  My Pencil  My Pencil Color  Official
Onboard Ink  Onboard Sealed Onboard  Paint Marker
 Pointer  Qalam  Remarks  SP-10
   Staples  Stic Pen  Student Pen
 SP-10 Rainbow      
   my-pencil-wow  parmanent-marker