World Class Manufacturing

Dollar products are designed, developed and produced in a world class manufacturing base. Dollar happens to be amongst those few writing instrument manufacturers around the world who have such extensive, technologically advanced, and vertically integrated production facilities, all in-house.

  Design & development facilities that include product design, package design and graphic design.

  Nibs and Points manufacturing which employs advanced, watch-degree, precision metal and fibre working machines, operating with tolerances close to a hundredth of a millimeter! This ensures high quality and consistent write out of the pens and markers.

  Research, development, formulation and control of links that are used in various writing instruments.


Management & Quality Systems

Acquiring and sustaining a credible reputation of a Quality Company is impossible without putting in place sound Management & Quality Systems. Besides passing through a rigorous BPR program around the turn of the century, DOLLAR has taken further strides towards excelling in all business areas. DOLLAR has chained itself towards proven management techniques including TQM, TQC, Kaizen and Quality Circles. DOLLAR's Goal is perennial customer confidence-cum-conviction that they are dealing with a company whose sole priority is guaranteeing the highest possible quality and reliability.

Automatic all-inline Assembling & decoration lines

Advanced computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided-manufacturing (CAM)