Corporate Social Responsibilities

Leading . . . with Values !


Dollar— a responsible corporate citizen- fully recognizes its Responsibility towards:-

Gray_Bullet  The countries and societies it deals with


Gray_Bullet  The environment it operates in


Gray_Bullet  The people it works with

This philosophy translates into action in the shape of three, guiding C principles:-

Gray_Bullet  Conviction for doing good


Gray_Bullet  Commitment to nature


Gray_Bullet  Courage to nurture

First class business in a first class way!


We strive to conduct our business in the most professional and ethical way possible. While we do work to earn profits for our stockholders, but we never compromise that with our high standard of ethics and morals, and, the paramount interest of all of our stakeholders. 


Customers lead our business

The orientation of our business is towards customers and their superior satisfaction. We cater to the global markets with products that are mass customized yet suit the individual needs of the respective consumer. Our products reflect our high standards of quality control and are developed and modified through persistent innovation while keeping in focus the dynamic needs of the most discerning of the users.

People are one of the most important assets


We recognize that one of our most important assets is our people, who work in our business, and, also, to a large extent the people who work for our business. We strive to constantly improve their standards__as far as possible__through our own Human Resource Management and Training systems. To us our people are also one of the most important stakeholders in our business. With this approach we try to provide a sustainable standard of living for them and offer them good working condition. 


Let us be responsible to the next generations


Dollar fully realizes and appreciates the importance of a sustainable and environment-friendly Operations. To fulfill what it calls its "Green Objective", DOLLAR has put in extraordinary efforts to bring its Manufacturing units in line with ISO-14001 stipulations. Some of the initiatives include:-


Gray_Bullet  Planned elimination of all types of wastes


Gray_Bullet  Prompt recycling of all material waste that inevitably churns out from different production processes


Total air pollution control by imposing a progressive ban on the use of hazardous chemicals, solvents, rogue dyes, and, powdered colorants and pigments that are used in processing plastics. "Solid waste management", a concept that DOLLAR pioneered in some of the areas where it operates. Apart from enforcing a strict regime on itself, DOLLAR has persuaded the importance of environment-friendliness to its neighbor industries.


Quality is in everything that we do


To continuously live up to the image of a quality company we always focus on international standards and cross country developments in the area of Quality Management Systems. We sustain this state through creating synergies amongst the functional areas of our business.


Technology is the route to excellence


We recognize the important role of technology in developing business. We continuously strive to use the appropriate utilization of cutting edge technology — both in our processes as well as operations.