Survival is for the fittest


The world is passing through one of the most challenging phases of its history. Dollar is ready to meet even the toughest of the challenges — be those in the area of cost, quality or timeliness. At a time of global economic downturn and deepening recession, everybody is looking for ‘right- price high-value’ products in place of premium and expensive brands. Here Dollar fits-in and provides an excellent price-to-performance benefit.





Sustainable business is a successful business

Beyond a simple environmental policy, the success of business hinges on sustainable business practices — be those in the area of products, processes or operations. Dollar has painstakingly engineered such important key areas to be friendly, ecological and economical in every sense of word. The result is a leaner company and an environmentally friendly products range. Hence Dollar’s new green label : Eco-Friendly.




Success comes when your customers succeed

Rather than being fear-driven and becoming passive, the need of the hour is to consolidate on the present position and then strive for success. With full conviction and commitment to enable its customers succeed in their own businesses, Dollar has taken bold initiatives to lead from the front through quality improvements and product enhancements, all aimed at superior consumer satisfaction