Dollar, as a responsible corporate citizen, fully realize and appreciates the importance of a sustainable and environment-friendly Operation. To fulfill what it calls its "Green Objective", DOLLAR has put in extraordinary efforts to bringing its Manufacturing units in line with ISO-14001 stipulations. Some of the initiatives include:-

Gray_Bullet  Planned elimination of all types of wastes.

Gray_Bullet  Prompt recycling of all material waste that inevitably churns out from different production processes.

Total air pollution control by imposing a progressive ban on the use of hazardous chemicals, solvents, rogue dyes, and, powdered colorants and pigments that are used in processing plastics.

"Solid waste management", a concept that DOLLAR pioneered in, in the part of the planet where it operates.

Apart from enforcing a strict regime on itself, DOLLAR has successfully introduced the concept of environment-friendliness even in its neighbor chemical industries by persuading them to adopt environment-friendly solid-waste-management practices.